JESS DAVILA spent his formative years in the beautiful State of Sonora, Mexico. He grew up exploring and appreciating the unspoiled beauty of the desert and mountainous regions of his homeland. Davila focuses on exploring a unique contemporary style. A completely self-taught artist, Davila draws on his experiences with various mediums which allow him to express and develop the many facets of his artistic talent and to further develop his creative being.

Inspired by the shape, color and the texture of various stones, Davila creates a natural interpretation of what is already in his artist's eye.

He draws from personal experience and the beauty that he sees in all of his surroundings to create impressive works in marble, alabaster, sandstone and limestone.

Davila's unique stone interpretations evoke strong emotions from all who have the privilege of viewing them. The artist's profound appreciation of beauty is apparent in every aspect of his pieces, from the natural patterns in a piece of stone to the flowing curves of a finished sculpture.

Davila is the founder of the Arts and Cultural Center in Huachinera, Sonora, Mexico working alongside several of his colleagues.  The Center sits on approximately 10 acres of land and now has 6 buildings completed. Jess is giving back to his community, that has provided him with so much artistic inspiration. His purpose for the center is to inspire the people of this region to find within themselves hidden artistic talents and for them to experience the joy that creating art brings. The Centro Artistico y Cultural de Huachinera is a way of bringing the townspeople together to study and learn various artistic methods.

Ultimately, the center is bringing jobs to the people of Huachinera and the surrounding Sierra Madre region, both of which are becoming tourist attractions. People of all ages are taking classes on various subjects and are eager to continue learning.